Why computer programmers are loving self-balancing scooters

computer-programmerComputer programmers are usually pretty quick to jump on top of the latest and greatest technology, and it’s easy to understand why.

After all, when your entire career revolves around designing, developing, and innovating literally “bleeding edge” technology, you’re going to want to leverage the future of tomorrow today at every chance.

For this reason (and so many more) computer programmers left and right are jumping on board (no pun intended) the self balancing scooter craze. Here are just a couple of reasons why computer programmers are so excited about everything that these innovative transportation solutions bring to the table.

Self balancing scooters offer programmers an opportunity to “fine tune” their craft

Every single self balancing scooter available is built on the back of advanced computing, advanced robotics, and a combination of gyroscopic technologies and amazing processing capabilities that keep the rider upright regardless of the input that they provide the board itself.

Basically, self balancing scooters simply wouldn’t have been a possibility without the help and hours and hours of work provided by computer programmers that designed the technology in the first place. These amazing little machines give computer programmers the opportunity to tinker with them and fine-tuned aircraft the same way that auto mechanics are able to work on an old Mustang.

Self balancing scooters offer programmers the chance to develop new transportation technology without serious consequences

Another big advantage that self balancing scooters provide computer programmers is the real-world opportunity to develop new transportation technology that can be used and extrapolated into other purposes without having to face any truly serious consequences along the way.

There’s a world of difference between designing gyroscopic technology that can be used in major airlines 30,000 feet in the sky, or designing gyroscopic technology on a hover board that may only cause the rider to fall a few inches should something go wrong.

Having the opportunity to play around with technology that is seriously advanced without having to incur significant consequences if something goes wrong, but being able to use that research across the board in a variety of different applications later down the line, is an amazing opportunity that isn’t always available.

Self balancing scooters offer a lot of practical benefits to computer programmers as well

At the end of the day, computer programmers are also going to be able to take advantage of the practical benefits that self balancing scooters provide.

There’s nothing like cruising up to the office, or even cruising through the office, on top of a self balancing scooter to announce to the world that you’re a computer programmer!


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