Most Computer Projects are Built on Caffeine and Broken Dreams

broken-dreamsAs a computer programmer, I can tell you that there are two things that lay down the foundation for all major computer projects.

Caffeine and broken dreams.

Any program that has been in the business for any amount of time will tell you the exact same thing.

Sure, programming takes a lot of insider knowledge, experience, and a bit of understanding as to how computers communicate with one another and what code will and will not do. But don’t let anyone trick you into thinking that there’s anything more important to programming then caffeine and broken dreams.

I personally have my coffee maker right next to be on my desk to keep the joe flowing through my veins. I actually bought a Cuisinart after reading lots of reviews and deciding it was the best coffee maker for my caffeine fix.

How broken dreams led me to computer programming in the first place

When I first got into computer programming, it wasn’t because I had dreams of creating the “next big thing” that would change the face of technology forever.

Heck, I didn’t even want to have to learn how to code!

In fact, I had always had aspirations of becoming a big-time finance guru, some businessman sitting up in an office somewhere delegating tasks and making wheelbarrows full of money before lunchtime.

But that career trajectory changed when I finally got fed up and frustrated with a program that I was using, program that was supposed to behave a certain way and just flat out refused to.

I tried absolutely everything I could to get that program to behave the way I wanted it to, but it fought me every single step of the way. I thought about how if it would only do one thing differently, the entire program would be a completely set of tools that everyone could take advantage of – and then I thought, why don’t I make that change?

Well, I learned how to code and made the change and released the program to the world at large – and it promptly fell flat on its face. Apparently, not everyone was as excited or as enthused as I was about the fix I had made.

That broken dream push me deeper and deeper into the world of programming and then I could have ever imagined, and made me want to fix real problems that people all over the world are dealing with – problems that only programming could solve!

Bad coffee is still coffee…which means it’s good coffee!

Caffeine (usually in the form of the nastiest, sludgiest, blackest coffee you’ve ever seen) is the only way that I can get through major programming projects.

Without high quality caffeine pumped directly into my system on a half hour basis, I’d never be able to slam through the sheer volume of code I need to if I have any plans of getting a project in under a deadline.

I’ve tried just about everything else imaginable to get this kind of stuff done without having to result to that black liquid goddess, but time after time everything else falls well short while she keeps bringing the “good stuff” night in and night out.

I prefer mine just as jet black as it gets, but if you decide to full around with a little bit of cream and an even smaller amount of sugar nobody would begrudge you.

But if your backs against the wall on a project, reach for a familiar cup of Joe and see what miracles you can pull off.

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