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Meet the Millennials That Got Rich from Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are new ways that you can invest your money in. cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that can be used much like fiat money, or the traditional paper bills we use every day. Since bitcoin … Continue reading

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How Cloud Storage Services Has Helped Make the Lives of Programmers a Lot Easier

Cloud storage has been a big help for regular office workers, students as well as for whole families even. It allows a person to store any file on the cloud, and this can be immediately shared online and made available … Continue reading

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Why computer programmers are loving self-balancing scooters

Computer programmers are usually pretty quick to jump on top of the latest and greatest technology, and it’s easy to understand why. After all, when your entire career revolves around designing, developing, and innovating literally “bleeding edge” technology, you’re going … Continue reading

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Ways To Come Up With An Exercise Schedule For IT Workers

In a world powered by technology, computer related jobs are so common. Every company or firm needs someone to attend their inevitable computer related issues the entire day. Sitting in front of a computer for such a long time is … Continue reading

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Why Late Night Coding Sessions Should Be Avoided

It’s all too common for programmers to find themselves up late at night. They also tend to work continuously, rarely taking a break away from their work. While a passion for what we do, either professionally or as a hobby, … Continue reading

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Drones are hot right now, as a programmer which one should you buy?

The hottest “toy” on the market right now are drones and quadcopters but they are more than a toy to some people, they are a passion and a hobby. The technology has come a long way but what does that … Continue reading

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Most Computer Projects are Built on Caffeine and Broken Dreams

As a computer programmer, I can tell you that there are two things that lay down the foundation for all major computer projects. Caffeine and broken dreams. Any program that has been in the business for any amount of time … Continue reading

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How computer programming can kill you – and what I do to prevent that

As a computer programmer, I have a little bit of a tendency to look at the “tiny little details” of things probably much more than I should. When I’m working on a project that’s not such a bad thing, as … Continue reading

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How I Use DJ Software to Play at Parties

As a computer programmer, a lot of people naturally assume I’m an introvert. Of course, this is often the case with people in my profession. At times, it can really pay to have the ability to focus solely on the … Continue reading

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Kodak to Sell Most of its Consumer Printing Business

The once dominant and worldwide photography firm Kodak hopes to sell most of its consumer and document imaging businesses that made it so famous many years ago. The company is desperately trying to emerge from bankruptcy and needs to raise … Continue reading

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